Kristen Panitch Design and Interiors

Client Quotes



“The result of her work is an unpretentious collection of innately interesting pieces and textures and colors.”

“Everything she does is super cozy and comfortable; there’s an approach-ability.You never feel like you are in a show house.”

“She’s really able to capture the personality of the people and execute it in the best way humanly possible.”

“It’s her discretion, the choosing, the evaluative eye; this, not that; it’s her selection.”

“You’ll end up with something distinctive, comfortable, liveable.”

“I feel I am in the best hands with her, and she gives us the environment we want to live in.”

“Being practical and livable are the cornerstones of her design ethic.”


“She is an interior designer that really has an architectural vision of things as well. She works seamlessly with an architect to fine-tune the architect’s design with her purposeful approach.”

“She is an unparalleled artistic force. She is ridiculously artistic!” 

“She creates a space for you; she is not decorating a space. She builds a space into something useful.”

“She’s more of a creator than a designer.” 

“She keeps generating new ideas; it is a never-ending generation of ideas.”

“I think she’s a genius at lighting.”

“You end up with something that nobody has.”


“Her work is eclectic, timeless, yet fresh; richly layered, not one note.” 

“She layers details in such a way that it feels eclectic and collected over time.You don’t feel like it just got installed.”

“The way she layers interiors feels very personal.”

“Her work is grounded in something durable and worth passing on.”