Kristen Panitch Design and Interiors

Kristen Panitch


"My work should be the most interesting backdrop to a client’s life."

With a deep respect for the built environment and the interiors within, Kristen Panitch Interiors reserves even more respect for the way a client lives. KP is known for a visual acuity that informs a high standard of excellence and a keen ability to relate refined ideas to the reality of living day to day.

Known for timeless, yet inventive design, Kristen and her team of talented designers, resources and craftspeople design customized, comfortable, understated spaces, rigorously informed and produced; empathically considerate of the client’s needs and wants.

A classic, more traditional, build-designer, Kristen and her team insert a modern edge into a project’s interior architecture and furnishings with an identity that is grounded in the real world; refined, but never precious. The process inspires clients to interrupt the expected and rethink what’s possible about living comfortably.

This is design work inspired by, thoughtful of, and intelligently layered with the client in mind at all times.

“You just want people to feel great in their home when you’re done.
To me, that is really only the true result that matters.”